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From outer space, the stars that give our cigars their names.

For this production line, we were inspired by the ancient Greek names of the mythical constellations that, since the dawn of time, have been visible to the naked eye in the sky of our planet. A constellation is a group of stars that form an imaginary line or figure on the celestial sphere. It usually represents an animal, a mythological person or creature, a god, or an inanimate object. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) divides the sky into 88 precisely delimited constellations so that each point in the sky belongs to a single constellation. Each of these cigars has its own character and peculiarities and also has an intrinsic symbolic value for our company since each of these products is the result of a journey that has a value - also personal and subjective - for our team. Our expert artisans have developed 4 different types of cigars that we believe may interest a wide range of consumers with different needs. The constellations that we have chosen and that therefore give their names to our 4 different cigars are: Andromeda, Orion, Phoenix and Pegasus.

Cigarros dominicanos hechos a mano

The cigar  ANDROMEDA (green ring) is immediately recognizable by means of the Connecticut wrapper which gives it its unmistakable initial aesthetic impact thanks to its delicate golden reflections.

The model we have chosen to represent this product is the regular 6x52 "Toro".

The cigar  ORION (cyan ring) is the smallest of all but it has a very peperino character. It stands out not only for its size, but also for its Corojo wrapper and for the fact that this model is a "Puro", therefore a cigar composed entirely of different tobacco leaves but all from the same country, in this case of course from Dominican Republic.

The model we have chosen to represent this product is the "Corona" 5.5x44.

The cigar  PHOENIX (red ring) directs its gaze towards more refined and articulated horizons. The sumptuousness of the Habano 2000 wrapper that enfolds this cigar outlines its aesthetic appearance and its accent full of nuances and stories to tell.

The model we have chosen to represent this product is the "Toro Cuadrado (Box Pressed)" 6x52.

The cigar  PEGASUS (white ring) is considered to be our most technically advanced cigar. Its selected blend and the wrapper that embraces it, the San Andrés , are left to mature for a certain time in our walk-in humidor to ensure that all the organoleptic properties of the cigar and the essential oils present in its leaves are enhanced at the apex.

The model we have chosen to represent this product is the "Torpedo" 6x52.

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